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ECN.STP / Technology KGIL Faster、Smarter、Favorable

technology is directly integrate global bank, financial institutions and other electronic communication networks and other top liquidity providers all together, included; coordinate with to improve the speed of order execution and reduce the possibility of manipulation. All the transactions will be directly access to the international market , to provide you with greater liquidity and lower FX with fast trading execution , and reduce the FX trading cost.






Sell Buy

Faster Top Suppliers Price Comparisons

KGIL ECN/STP technology can integrate customer and liquidity provider to the same site data center; therefore, will provide a better market depth environment with lower spreads and fast execution.

Smarter Competitive Pricing

KGIL Order execution fast, fair, transparent and anonymous; to offer our customer the best buy/sell prices in every single trade.

Favorable Perfect offer integrated systems

KGIL Proprietary technology ECN/STP, directly integrate top liquidity providers all together, included global bank, financial institutions and other electronic communication networks. They will compete anonymously in order to win your business.

Financial Security /

Financial security is the basis for Forex trading "security, transparency and integrity"

In addition to provide a great trading conditions and customer support,

safety of customer funds has always been the company’s motto.

Have globally recognized with excellence,

providing unprecedented security,

absolute guarantee safe of customer fund;it will make KGIL customers enjoy the FX trading without any concern.

Assured the security, transparency and integrity of the funds.

  • Complete Separation of Client Funds

    Strict implementation of client funds separate systems, clients' funds and the company's business financial cost are fully separated. Without the customer's permission, no person shall use customer account funds in order to assure safety of customer funds.

  • Famous Bank depository

    KGIL Need to provide the first-class world renowned credit institutions to customer. KGIL maintain a successful cooperative relations with high-end bank, such as HSBC to ensure the safety, dependence and reducing the risk of default.

  • Account information transparent

    Can check the account status immediately via the website or customer service, etc. financial security has zero time difference.

PLATFORMS Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Protocol API

KGIL offers MT4 client terminal platform

KGIL offers client terminal platform,unique advantages stand out in today's busy environment, provides a user-friendly interface, not only has the live quotes、real-time charts、perform a quick, in-depth news and analysis, added more extensive management tool, suitable for each individual transaction, better automatic upgrade functionality over the network, Creating the perfect tools of the trade.

MetaTrader 4

  • Advantages
  • A friendly user interface, functional and appendix
  • No trader platform
  • No re-quotes or trading restrictions
  • Fast, low latency execution of orders
  • A number of banks to provide liquidity
  • Real-time account summary, including account equity, floating profit and loss, etc
  • 32 Languages + Daily account statement
  • Leading indicators, real time graphical browsing
  • Features
  • One-Click trading options

    Just need One Click can be fast and stable to complete the order.

  • Advance chart and indicators

    Provide with a variety advance trade charts and technical indicators to help you set up an exclusive analysis strategy.

  • Simple templates and archives management

    Customize Exclusive analysis strategy ; set up personal record to facilitate conversion on different computers and terminals.

Download MetaTrader 4

Client terminal platform design ,Allowing you to have an edge in today's busy environment, live quotes, real-time charts and in-depth news analysis - And exclusive interface pointer to the order management tools and expert advisors. Designed for traders looking for trade advantage, our MT4 platform provides a rich and user friendly interface, a good trading environment helps to improve your trading performance.Set up your investment portfolio has never been easier. Enhanced charting capabilities and sophisticated order management tools, helps you quickly and effectively automated trading. Because it provides an easy way to use user interface, dozens of charts and indicators, most important thing is the MQL language, it allows the user easily to set the indicator, and the expert consultants considered this is the world most popular forex trading platform.

※Risk warning:Forex, CFDs are leveraged financial products and involve a high level of risk, it is possible to loss all your capital. These products may not suitable for all investors; and please ensure that you are fully understands the risks before investing.